The pride of being part of Chapel School is characterized by the strong sportsmanship shown in tournaments between American schools in Brazil, of which Chapel has participated since 1970. Competitions happen twice a year and involve: basketball, soccer, indoor soccer, volleyball, and softball, with male and female teams. Two teams for each modality, Varsity (students over the age of 15) and Junior Varsity (students under the age of 15), train to participate in the championships. Chapel’s cheerleading squads complete the extracurricular athletic program offered at both Varsity and Junior Varsity levels.

The focus of Chapel's sports program is to develop values outlined in the Mission statement and teach students soft skills such as: discipline, collaboration, respect, sportsmanship, and persistence in the pursuit of both individual and collective goals, group thinking, responsibility, and commitment. Thus, at Chapel, sports is a key component toward students' character development and for the formation of good individuals and citizens.