School Counseling

Counseling services are offered through Chapel’s Counseling Program, which includes three full-time professionals: an early childhood and primary education I (from Pre-I to 4th year) counselor, a middle years counselor (from 5th to 8th grade) and a high school and university counselor (grades 9-12). Counselors support and advise students, parents, and teachers on their responsibilities, providing direct assistance to students in three aspects of their lives: academic, personal/social, and career.

Academic Support

Counselors also offer students academic support and work proactively with teachers to monitor and identify students in need of intervention in order to help them reach their full learning potential. This support service includes the elaboration of individual learning plans, differentiated strategies to be adopted in the classroom or the referral to outside specialists. When individual follow-up is needed, meetings are called and bring together parents, students, teachers, counselors and administrators. It is a partnership between the family and the school to closely monitor progress, provide support and ensure individual student development.

College Counseling

In addition to personal / social and academic support, the high school counselor supervises and guides each student in admissions processes to universities around the world. Students regularly participate in university fairs (at Chapel or elsewhere), meetings with university representatives, and group and individual meetings to discuss and plan their plans for the future, as well as receive pre- departure orientation to prepare them for life at university. The Counseling Department provides students with all the support and information required for a successful transition to higher education.