Food Services

At Chapel School we place great importance on proper nutrition and our food service is fundamental in supporting well-being and learning. Mealtimes are seen as opportunities for relaxed social interaction while sharing healthy, delicious foods.

Our menus are elaborated by a team of nutritionists and aim to provide students with a variety of nutritious food options and develop healthy eating habits. We proudly serve 1,000 meals and 500 snacks prepared on site by 27 of our own nutrition support personnel under the close supervision of our on site nutrition specialists. Chapel uses only the freshest of high quality ingredients and follow the strictest standards for quality control using the latest in cooking and serving techniques which preserve flavor, nutrition and guarantee food safety.

We know that food is closely associated to culture and every semester, our nutrition department prepares traditional meals from various countries to celebrate the different nationalities of our student body. These meals are festively served to the sound of live music and dance performances. Additionally, all events such as graduations, receptions, special breakfasts, lunches and dinners are lovingly and expertly catered by the Chapel Nutrition Department.

Our diverse student body brings with it many cultures, food preferences and even dietary restrictions. To meet these challenges, Chapel’s food services continuously searches for culinary solutions to best attend to these needs. Furthermore, we provide vegetarian options as well as meals for students with diabetes, gluten or lactose intolerance and other doctor prescribed dietary restrictions.

It´s not difficult to understand Chapel School´s excellence in food services is well known and after many requests, we launched our very own Chapel Cookbook. With 125 recipes from our school menu favorites and other specialties which were kindly shared by parents this book is a true collection of culinary treasures. It brings savory and sweet dishes that are the favorites of students, staff and families and recipes are written in both English and Portuguese. Needless to say the Chapel Cookbook became a tremendous success.