Parent-Teacher Association

Mission Statement

Through various endeavors such as: fundraising,  extra-curricular activities, community, and cultural  projects, the Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.) can help provide Chapel students and their families, a foundation of growth which can be religious, cultural,  social and athletic in nature.

The P.T.A. has a Cultural Committee that promotes visits to museums, art exhibitions, educational tours and much more. In the area of Sports, the PTA supports the students whenever necessary. The Social Committee organizes important events throughout the year as a means of keeping our school community close and united throughout the year. The most important event promoted by the P.T.A. is the International Festival. This event celebrates the cultural diversity among the Chapel families. The Christmas Bazaar and the traditional Festa Junina are also events enjoyed by all Chapel families and promoted by the P.T.A.

All P.T.A. events are Chapel/School related and thus, ultimately, aegis to the school administration.

Chapel Apples

The Chapel Apple program was founded by two parents who wanted the opportunity to work as volunteers at school to support student learning. The school offers several training opportunities to Chapel Apples to facilitate their work in the classroom environment. Parents who wish to volunteer must complete a Chapel Apple training workshop prior to helping in a classroom.

Chapel Apples is a group of volunteer parents who have learned some of the teaching strategies used at Chapel. These volunteer parents provide extra support to teachers and administrators during lessons in the classrooms and during lunch time in the cafeteria in the Elementary School. Parent participation is valuable and appreciated the school and by students!