Big 8

Held once a year during the first semester, the Big 8 tournament involves 7 American Schools within Brazil – Chapel, Graded & PACA (all from São Paulo), EAC (Campinas), EAB (Brasilia), EARJ (Rio de Janeiro), Our Lady of Mercy (Rio de Janeiro), and 1 from Paraguay – ASA (American School of Assunción). This competition is in Varsity basketball and soccer.

2006 marked the first edition of this new tournament and Chapel School became the first Overall Big 8 Champion in history. 

Big 4

Held once a year during the second semester, the Big 4 tournament involves Chapel and Graded schools of São Paulo, and the American Schools of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia in Varsity volleyball, futsal and softball competition. Participating schools organize this tournament on a rotating basis.

Little 8

The Little 8 is an interscholastic competition held in each semester in a camp located three hours outside of São Paulo. Little 8 involves Chapel, Graded & St.Paul’s (all of São Paulo), EARJ (Rio de Janeiro), EAB (Brasilia), EAC (Campinas), the British School of Rio de Janeiro and PACA (São Paulo).

In the first semester, Little 8 is held for girls and boys soccer and basketball, whereas in the second semester, the Little 8 tournament is held for boys futsal and girls volleyball.