religious educationChapel School is a Catholic education institution. The school requires a program in religious education and students have two to three religion classes a week. The elementary school has a monthly mass as well as prayer services during Advent and Lent. The school recognizes that not all students are Catholic and respects the religious convictions of each individual student. For this reason, attendance is required at all religious services; however, active sacramental participation is optional. Students in the third grade will complete Catechism class and then have the option of taking part in the First Communion Mass at the end of the year.

All elementary students also participate in community outreach programs. This helps the students play an important role and become responsible members of society. It also helps them to appreciate the sense that human dignity and the search for happiness and fulfillment are a right of every human being. There are various outreach programs in which the elementary students participate, including: holding food and clothing drives, adopting a “little” brother or sister at Christmas, organizing fundraisers and inviting less fortunate children for Thanksgiving Lunch and for a Children’s Day picnic.