Counseling services are offered to high school students through the Guidance Department. Chapel’s Christian philosophy views each student as a unique person. In keeping with this philosophy, the guidance counselor works closely with students in terms of educational achievement, college placement, career counseling and course selection.
The Guidance Department builds a long-term relationship with students and parents during high school, culminating in the college admissions process. Beginning in the junior year, students receive highly personalized counseling aimed at matching each student’s abilities and interests to the best possible college or university.

The fundamental aim of Chapel’s career program is to teach students how to make informed choices and how to set goals for the future. Throughout the year, guest speakers representing a variety of occupations make presentations about their fields.  The Guidance Counselor offers personal assistance and related literature to support students’ educational and career needs.

The counseling staff is readily accessible to all students who wish to discuss their lives and academic futures.

Juliana Pasqual Viola                  Guidance Counselor
Gabriela Torino                              Guidance Assistant
Mariele Yoshida                            Guidance Assistant