Students in the Early Childhood Educational Center are offered extra curricular programs beginning at the age of four.

The following activities are a sample of what is available throughout the year at the ECEC.

Futsal For Kinder And Grades 1 And 2

Futsal for Kindergarten, and grades 1 and 2 is intended to develop their individual skills through the practice of this game’s specific fundamentals. Participants will gradually learn how to play an actual game of Futsal and will begin to understand the basic rules and regulations of that sport.


Our young children will develop their rhythm and body expression as they enhance their appreciation for dance, and will benefit from a safe and caring interaction with an adult and their peers.

This class is intended for PRE 2 – 1ST GRADE and has a limited number of participants.

*School Partnership Activity

Capoeira 1- Pre 2 To First Graders

In this activity, through a recreational approach, students will practice and learn about a genuine Brazilian form of art that combines elements of dance, music, sport and fight. Limit: 8 students.

Art Club

In this after-school activity, students will be able to explore different art techniques, creating many original art works.


Tennis classes are offered for various age groups and in three different levels – beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Please contact Wilton Tennis for more details and registration.