In the E.C.E.C., students are encouraged to become actively involved with their own learning, through the use of a variety of strategies such as imaginative play, interest areas, play acting, small and large group activities, and outdoor explorations. Our curriculum is based on international standards for early childhood learning and focuses on the development of the whole child.

We strive to provide developmentally appropriate practices to all our students. This means that special attention is placed on individualizing instruction to meet each student where his/her development is in each area. When you visit the E.C.E.C. classroom you may see students at centers, in small groups, in guided reading groups, or in whole group instruction.

Language Arts: Instruction is focused on oral, reading, and writing skills. Using a variety of materials, students develop an appreciation for reading, pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills, and oral skills. Chapel staff use a variety of teaching strategies that support the second language learner. The classroom teachers are supported by an English Language Learner (ELL) specialist.

Math: Through the use of manipulatives (hands-on, concrete materials) and structured lessons, student learning is focused on number and quantity concepts and relationships.

Science: Learning occurs while exploring thematic units that integrate all subjects.

Social Studies: With everyday activities from the Responsive Classroom program, students develop social skills, the understanding of the need for rules and procedures, how their actions/choices affect them and others, and what their responsibilities are in a community.

Religion: While exploring the areas of Scripture, Doctrine, Spirituality, and Community, students learn to respect life, share, and care for others.

Movement: Students develop body awareness and rhythm while learning music, through a variety of structured exploratory activities.

Music: Pre I, Pre II, and Kindergarten students are introduced to music appreciation, rhythm, and melody, while exploring a variety of music genre.

Art: Students explore the elements of design through developmentally appropriate activities.

Physical Education: Students engage in games and activities that are designed to develop gross motor skills and coordination.

Technology: Using a computer is explored while Kindergarten students play educational games linked to the curriculum. Additionally, each classroom teacher uses an interactive white board during instruction. Teachers may check out sets of Ipads for small group instruction.

Library: Students visit the library each week. Chapel promotes the development of students’ appreciation for reading. Please enjoy the book selections with your child.