Chapel School (Mary Immaculate School) has as its philosophy the formation of the whole being, in a humanistic and personalized conception, as a way of promoting the student’s participation in society as a well-rounded, active and transforming citizen, according to Christian principles. The education is based on ideals of freedom and human solidarity, understanding of a person’s rights and obligations, on plurality, on ethics and technology, ensuring access to the necessary contents as tools for the development of competencies and abilities, concepts and attitudes.

Mary Immaculate School is recognized by the State Council of Education of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.  The Brazilian Program follows the principles dictated by the Law of Guidelines and Bases (Lei de Diretrizes e Bases) and presents the parameters from the National Curricular  Standards (Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais). It is mandatory for students of Brazilian nationality to enroll in the Brazilian Program, which is offered from 1st through 12th grades. The Conclusion Certificates of Elementary and High School are awarded at the end of the cycle.

The three programs offered at Chapel, the American, the Brazilian, and the International Baccalaureate function in an integrated manner and aim at “developing inquisitive, educated and compassionate human beings who participate in the creation of a better and more peaceful world, through respect and understanding of diversity.”

The students enrolled in the Brazilian Program also study the subjects of the American Program or the International Baccalaureate (I.B.), in addition to Portuguese Language, Brazilian and Portuguese Literature, Writing, Brazilian History and Brazilian Geography, and Philosophy. Sociology, History, and afro-Brazilian culture studies are taught in an interdisciplinary manner with other subjects. This curriculum of excellence, in addition to preparing students to attend universities in Brazil and in other countries, values the Brazilian identity.

Our foreign students of the Elementary and High School may take Portuguese classes as a second language. After two years of study, students are prepared to attend regular Portuguese or I.B. Portuguese Language B classes.

A wide variety of cultural and extracurricular activities are developed aiming the preservation and appreciation of the Brazilian culture: soirées, literary contests, book fair, lectures with Brazilian authors and artists, Brazilian universities fair, career fair, current issues classes, city & citizenship classes, “festa junina”(folklore party), class newspaper, election trials, art show, and historical dates celebrations.

With the aim of disseminating art throghout our community, Chapel established a partnership with the Museum of Modern Art (MAM). MAM holds one of the richest modern art collections in the country and is located inside São Paulo’s biggest park,  Ibirapuera. This partnership results in benefits such as free entrance to expositions for parents, students and teachers, guided visits, workshops, and weekend gatherings open to Chapel’s teachers. As a way of stimulating the traditional culture of the child and family interaction, our community has access to the Family MAM project, which encompasses storytelling, games, and art workshops. A year-long  Art History course is offered to parents at our school.

Chapel sponsors and organizes one of the largest Brazilian contemporary art exhibitions in São Paulo. The Chapel Art Show happens for more than forty years already and becomes more modern with each edition. Today it is an integral part of the art circuit of the city. During the event, educators from MAM develop workshops and educational activities at the school.

Artistic activities are valued in Chapel’s daily life. Since an early age, the sensitivity and artistic perception of the students is stimulated. The involvement of the school in the world of art is made evident through the curriculum, the art pieces exposed in corridors and offices, the lectures, and the expositions. The Chapel-MAM partnership offers us a space for shared learning and leisure.

Brazilian Program Director: Daniela Gattai
Brazilian Program Curriculum Coordinator: Paula Moro