Continued Professional Development For Teachers

Chapel educators are not only highly qualified but also continuously engage in professional development both within Chapel and at other institutions. We value peer professional development and our schedules are set up to include common planning time so that teachers can collaborate effectively and consistently. Each week, a professional development session is held on such topics as best assessment practices, and strategies for differentiation. We also plan in time so educators can sit together and analyze student learning outcomes and adjust to meet needs.

Teachers are encouraged to plan workshops where they share teaching practices at which they excel. Teachers are also often invited to present these workshops at international conferences such as AASSA (Association of American Schools in South America), Jornada Brasileira de Educação, IB Conferences and IACAC (International Association for College Admission Counseling).

Chapel invests in our fine team of teachers in their continued development by subsiding internal and external training in the best local and international organizations. Some are PUC (Pontifical Catholic University), IB, and PTC (Principals’ Training Center). The professionals who participate in external courses are committed to sharing the knowledge acquired with their Chapel colleagues upon returning. Chapel challenges and supports its professionals to stay updated to ensure best practices in education for all students.