Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.  In the E.C.E.C. we celebrated the new beginning with many activities that the students truly enjoy. Our week was fulfilled with arts and crafts; students decorated Easter eggs, bunny masks, and baskets. Students also listened to stories about this theme, and made connections to the Easter celebrations they have already taken part of at home and in school. On Thursday, before Good Friday, students were aware that the Easter bunny would be around the E.C.E.C.  They left a carrot outside the classroom door as they thought he would be hungry and needed a lot of energy. Throughout the morning the bunny mysteriously hopped by each classroom window, and when students opened the door they were surprised to see that he had bitten into the carrot, and left a beautiful Easter basket full of chocolate eggs. Finally, students brought snacks to share with their class community and together they had a joyful Easter picnic.   ​