The School of Mary Immaculate, fondly known as Chapel School, is a Catholic, value-centered international school. We bring together students and staff from many countries and of many religions with respect for all. Our diverse student body thrives in the three-fold curriculum we offer: American, Brazilian and International Baccalaureate. Our curricular structure and pedagogical approach are especially geared to prepare learners for  universities and life in the United States, in Brazil and the world beyond.

To achieve this, we have developed rigorous, multidimensional  curricula and provide a variety of activities that support the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of our students. Additionally, we invest heavily in  professional development and support teachers and staff so they are able and confident in promoting learner success. We work collaboratively  and foster an environment that is positive, always assuming good intentions.

Chapel believes that beyond striving for academic excellence, parents, administrators, teachers, students and staff  should come together to reach out and enable others to grow to their full potential as well. We believe in a shared humanity and see each and every person as unique and valuable. Stakeholders are called upon to  make a personal contribution to the building of a more just and peaceful world. We are committed to education that instills social responsibility, ethical  behavior, and respect for all beliefs.

At Chapel School we take on the challenge to  prepare young men and women, so they are both willing and able  to make the difficult choices  which can diminish  social inequity and promote  world peace.  Concerned with moral leadership, we hold as our vital role, the development of  knowledgeable, critical minds, which value humanity.